Thursday, October 17, 2013

Netbackup stuff

note to self

Came across an issue recently on a media server. Issue seems to be related to robotic control and not the drives. In this setup, the media control host was not the media server which experienced the issue. tpconfig and vmoprcmd outputs from the problematic media server were as below. Notice the "AVR" for drives in vmoprcmd output, which indicates an issue with the robotic control.

bash-3.00# ./tpconfig -l
Device Robot Drive       Robot                    Drive                Device     
Type     Num Index  Type DrNum Status  Comment    Name                 Path       
robot      3    -    TLD    -       -  -          -                    ECC-QAS
  drive    -    0  hcart    1      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.000  /dev/rmt0.1
  drive    -    1  hcart    2      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.004  /dev/rmt1.1
  drive    -    2  hcart    3      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.003  /dev/rmt2.1
  drive    -    3  hcart    4      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.002  /dev/rmt3.1
bash-3.00# ./vmoprcmd -d

                                PENDING REQUESTS


                                  DRIVE STATUS

Drv Type   Control  User      Label  RecMID  ExtMID  Ready   Wr.Enbl.  ReqId
  0 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  
  1 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  
  2 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  
  3 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  

                             ADDITIONAL DRIVE STATUS

Drv DriveName            Shared    Assigned        Comment                   
  0 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.000   Yes      -                                         
  1 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.004   Yes      -                           
  2 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.003   Yes      -                                         
  3 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.002   Yes      -     

As it turns out, it was a simple issue of media server not being able to identify the media control host name. It was set up to use /etc/hosts for resolution, and someone had removed the entry for the media control host! 
Frustrating that the error is not specific enough to identify where the problem is..I guess checking if the media control host, master/emm etc. communication and name resolution as the first step in these type of cases would save a few hours.

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