Thursday, October 17, 2013

Netbackup stuff

note to self

Came across an issue recently on a media server. Issue seems to be related to robotic control and not the drives. In this setup, the media control host was not the media server which experienced the issue. tpconfig and vmoprcmd outputs from the problematic media server were as below. Notice the "AVR" for drives in vmoprcmd output, which indicates an issue with the robotic control.

bash-3.00# ./tpconfig -l
Device Robot Drive       Robot                    Drive                Device     
Type     Num Index  Type DrNum Status  Comment    Name                 Path       
robot      3    -    TLD    -       -  -          -                    ECC-QAS
  drive    -    0  hcart    1      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.000  /dev/rmt0.1
  drive    -    1  hcart    2      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.004  /dev/rmt1.1
  drive    -    2  hcart    3      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.003  /dev/rmt2.1
  drive    -    3  hcart    4      UP  -          IBM.ULT3580-TD4.002  /dev/rmt3.1
bash-3.00# ./vmoprcmd -d

                                PENDING REQUESTS


                                  DRIVE STATUS

Drv Type   Control  User      Label  RecMID  ExtMID  Ready   Wr.Enbl.  ReqId
  0 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  
  1 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  
  2 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  
  3 hcart    AVR                -                     No       -         0  

                             ADDITIONAL DRIVE STATUS

Drv DriveName            Shared    Assigned        Comment                   
  0 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.000   Yes      -                                         
  1 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.004   Yes      -                           
  2 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.003   Yes      -                                         
  3 IBM.ULT3580-TD4.002   Yes      -     

As it turns out, it was a simple issue of media server not being able to identify the media control host name. It was set up to use /etc/hosts for resolution, and someone had removed the entry for the media control host! 
Frustrating that the error is not specific enough to identify where the problem is..I guess checking if the media control host, master/emm etc. communication and name resolution as the first step in these type of cases would save a few hours.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

ethX adapter names getting incremented in Ubuntu on VMware

note to self

Came across this issue with a P2Vd Ubuntu system. Network interface name seemed to get incremented eth0 >eth1 >eth2 and so on, each time a new adapter is added even when the old one is removed.

It is caused by the udev rule to persist device names with the hardware id located in  /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

This blog here helped to figure it out.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Platespin Migrate on RHEL

note to self

We had a requirement to convert a number of workloads on RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization) environment to vSphere. This is so far unsupported with the vSphere converter tool, and it fails to at the initial step of querying the source system when attempted, complaining about not being able to detect volumes on the source system. (On RHEV, scsi disks are detected as /dev/vdX devices, could be one of the reasons.)

After trying at it for a while, we decided to give PlateSpin Migrate a go, and the results were quite satisfying.

Setting up and starting a workload "copy" is quite straightforward, but could get tricky at times if the source system is running GNU/Linux. (RHEL etc.) PlateSpin supports file based and block based copy methods and for Linux workloads, only the block based method is supported if the migration is to happen while the source is online. Block based copy method depends on a custom kernel module -which has to be build manually, if PlateSpin doesn't come with a matching one for the current kernel.

Process is explained in detail on the below link.

During the conversion, if it throws an error similar to "Could not load driver: Exec format error", then probably the kernel module is not built compatible to the currently running kernel.

To make sure a built module is supported on the current kernel, without going through the trouble of packaging it for PlateSpin, it can be inserted to the running kernel manually. Inserting should not return any error. Loaded module can be viewed and then removed to clean up, by below commands in the order given.

insmod blkwatch.ko
lsmod | grep blkwatch

Even though it looks like a bit more complicated than the vSphere converter, In my opinion, PlateSpin does a far better job! It will be interesting to see how it will handle a conversion where the kernel it self has to be replaced with a different one to be able to run on the destination platform. (eg. Xen to vSphere )

vCenter Converter Standalone P2V Fail

note to self

vCenter standalone converter 5.0.1-875114 (latest as of 03-2013) still seems to be having this issue with P2V on systems with using the VLAN tagging at the OS level. Culprit seems to be the "dot" (.) in the interface name.

This has been witnessed, identified and workaround suggested by a number of people and the article that helped me is here. Simply turning off those interfaces before the conversion, you can proceed to convert the system -if that is a possibility. If not, you can try the alternative suggested on the same link above, by changing how the interface is named ( VLAN_NAME_TYPE=VLAN_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD )

I witnessed the issue with few RHEL5.4 systems, but was unable to replicate the same on the RHEL5.8. Perhaps the issue has some dependancy on a OS component which has been updated on the later releases on RHEL. ( not so sure! )

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Story of Stuff

note to self

An old video i like. Thought i'd keep it saved here in case i want to come back to this at some point.

Site :

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Earth Hour 2013

So "Earth Hour" is upon us. It is a great idea to get everyone rallied behind such a cause, and it has a big positive effect on the environment owing to it's massive scale. (Supporters from some 152 countries are said to be taking part of it this year)

If you haven't heard about it at all -which is highly unlikely, head on to and find out more about it. Basically, the idea is to get everyone to shut off the lights in their home/office/building/city? etc. for just 1 hour out of the whole year, alongside all the other supporters of the cause. Of course it is not just about shutting off lights, think of it as a starting point.

There is also a local community around this who's been around for quite some time now. I only came across their page on FB about a day or two ago, my ignorance is to be blamed in that. The group however, seem to be doing good job in getting local organizations involved and popularizing the cause.

Maybe its just me, but wouldn't it be so awesome if all of us -or most- didn't make it this thing where you show up in specially made tees and a candle! It looks nice no doubt, but the cause should be little bit more important and the followers a bit more sensible. After all, the idea is to preserve the environment. 

Surely you don't believe that all of this you do in the name of "Earth Hour" is going to have a good effect on the environment that surrounds you. Why do it then, specially in the name of an event that aims to unite everyone around preserving the earth, the nature at least for just 60 minutes a year. 

Doesn't make much sense, does it. Then again, if all the campaigning is done in such a manner that it has zero  negative effect on the environment, it will lose the "cool" image(will it?) and none us will show up at any of the public events? Something to think about, isn't it? (Or not)

For my part, i will shut off the electricity, blow off any candles and spend the one hour in darkness....Hoping it is a start. Hoping i would be able to do a little bit more tomorrow. Hoping it would make a difference..a Real difference.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Colombo MapUp 2013

So we participated in the Colombo MapUp 2013 which took place today. Was looking forward to it since few days and it turned out to be quite interesting. 

Learned some new things, got to meet our expert reviewer team and chat, met a lot of local mappers, overall a great event experience. Also started using my G+ app on the phone finally and this "Party Mode" which i never cared for turned out to be a big convenience! I will be using it more often from now on.

Probably i will write a bit more on the event later. For now, to anyone who wish to get involved i'd highly recommend this page. Some of the photos of the event today should be visible on the G+ page.

Update: Post your questions to this group here and pass on the link.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Cleaning up and other things

Thought i'd clean up the layout a little bit now that I'm in here after a long long time. Not that anyone would notice (haha) just something i wanted to do for a while now.

Decided to remove most of the Widgets i put up time to time. Didn't really want to remove FSF and Fedora widgets but in the end decided against them as i want to have a leaner look. Maybe i'll add them back again in their tiny form.

So i was watching a few things on the tube and off and came across something pretty interesting. ShayCarl was on one of the videos and i could barely recognize him. I had to actually go back and check to confirm that it IS in fact the right guy. The reason is massive weight loss program he has come up with and documented on one of his channels ShayLoss. Thanks to my ignorance, busyness and ignorance, i have actually missed the whole thing which is about 3 years old news. Anyway, i find the whole thing quite interesting and inspiring. And now i'm watching my way through the channel starting from the beginning.

Down below is what i was watching when i came across the whole story above, from another YouTuber i follow devinsupertramp. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cloud hunting on GMaps

So i have been thinking of what other ways to contribute to the Sri Lanka GMapping effort.

One thing i came across in many areas when surfing through the GMaps is that there are still a number of areas that are completely or partially covered by clouds. Google has put up a way for everyone to report such incidences but the link is quite hard to spot and it took me a while to realize that it has been there from the beginning.

To report unclear imagery -or any other detail for that matter, you can simply use the "Report a problem" link placed towards bottom right of the GMaps window. This link takes you to the same place.

I'm planning to spend some time with hunting for locations that are obscured due to clouds. Hopefully, it will help to improve the quality of overall GMaps experience in some way for everyone.

Looking forward to MapUp Colombo 2013 event that is scheduled to happen on this weekend. "Map Maker Sri Lanka Community" page is a good place to get started on the local mapping activities.

Update : I will be adding all the locations i report here as i go on, it will be easy for me to keep track.

View Larger Map

Ingress #nianticproject

So i received my #ingress invite yesterday after a long wait. I picked Resistance, was leaving towards that anyway since i heard about it first. Not much portals in Colombo -or in Sri Lanka for that matter but luckily there is one portal near to office within about 1/2 kilometer walk.

It would be fun if we had more portals to acquire and there seems to be a way for everyone -well, not Everyone to submit photos of their chosen places to be considered for a portal.

There are some guidelines to follow, but plenty of places that fit the case. Hopefully, more people will follow course.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


So I have started doing a little bit of google mapping on the side. It was confusing at first, but gotten a lot easier with the help of few people and just by being at it for a while. Started with my neighborhood and went on to mark the roads and lanes etc. and now I'm marking out other features (like paddy fields) in certain areas.

If someone is interested in getting started i'd suggest joining the regional community sites located here and get in touch with the regional experts.For the folks living in Sri Lanka, regional community site is here.

Finally I have few things i feel like putting up in here, planning to do so soon.