Sunday, September 19, 2010

teamviewer stuff

note to self

Just happened to shut the TeamViewer from within the remote computer console and got kicked out of my session with no way to re-connect. Luckily i had ssh access to the same machine and tried a few things to get it working, as just issuing the command on the ssh'd terminal didn't go so well.

Googled a bit and noticed that few others have come across similar problems starting TeamViewer from the terminal, but couldn't find a simple method that worked. -didn't look that hard anyway-

Found out its a easy fix.
export DISPLAY=:0
That should do it. All it seems to need is a proper $DISPLAY with the value set to where current display manager's running. Once that's taken care of, TeamViewer can be started as a background process with "&". It should work even better with something like "screen" but didn't try that. yet.

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