Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moovida on F12

note to self

Experienced few problems getting Moovida to work on my Fedora 12. Moovida, formerly known as Elisa is a Media Center application. Elisa is still on yum, but the newer moovida is not on that yet.

One main problem on the old version Elisa, is that the grooveshark plugin is no longer working due to some changes (gstreamer?) [1] [2]. A set of Moovida packages for F12 are already available on the above bugzilla links, but they are not yet on the yum, seem to be undergoing review.

After downloading and building the RPMs from above, ran in to some other python related problem due to a deprecated function.
DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
The fix was to install python-twisted.noarch

To sum it all up, below steps can be followed to get moovida on F12 until it appears on yum, which I'm hoping to take place soon.
1. Grab the SRC rpms from here.
2. Remove elisa components if they are already installed.
3. Install python-twisted.noarch along with it's dependencies.
3. rpmbuild --rebuild the moovida src rpms & install them.
Just checked it, and Grooveshark plugin is working without any problem now! :-) It doesn't have the facility to add tracks to the library, hope it's on the roadmap.

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