Tuesday, December 29, 2009

gnome autostart stuff

note to self

Seems that the prioritizing autostart scripts has been dropped for some reason. Wanted this as i wanted to get Rumpus to start as i login to my F12. But it depends on Internet connectivity or else the java starts throwing some exceptions at you. Someone on #fedora pointed this out, saying priorities are not one of the priorities ;-) of gnome-autostart dev's at the moment. Hopefully they will do something about that once the more important stuff are taken care of.

For the time being, something like this can be used to get around the network connectivity by checking for the connection before trying anything.

check() {
if [[ `nm-tool | grep "^State"` = 'State: connected' ]]; then
sleep 5

Nothing big, but saves sometime looking around. Hope this helps.

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