Friday, July 24, 2009

mptlinux stuff

note to self

Experienced this weird behavior with a HP-DL580 G5, while installing RHEL4(U2) on it. The installer was looping at the detection of LSI Logic HBA adapter. Removing the card allows the installation to go ahead without any problem, but once installed and at the re-insertion of the card, the system was still getting halted at the initial device detection( some sort of a loop at detecting the HBA ).

Looked to me as if some module(scsi?) being used with the device, which is not capable of handling the device properly was causing this problem.

Removing the card, and then installing the mptlinux .rpm that is provided by the vendor, and then re-inserting the card solves this problem. Yet to test this with a later release of RHEL4 & 5, most probably the fix is already in place.

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