Thursday, June 18, 2009

wget stuff

note to self

RHN doesn't seem to play well with download managers. "wget" used to be good but noticed a small problem lately. When wget -c is given to resume a download, it starts to download things from scratch. This probably has something to do with the expiring urls that are given on RHN.

Renaming the old file part to the new one you can identify from the new download URL will work in this. Still not sure what's causing this, but remember quite well "wget" that wget didn't have this file-name problem earlier.


chanux said...

Use aria2

e4c5 said...

wget usually doesn't have any trouble with resume. It's sure to be an RHN problem. Maybe you ought to switch to Centos?

Yajith Ajantha said...

@chanux will check that one out for sure..

@e4c5 yeah, don't think it's a wget problem, just RHN messing with it. They have this strange urls that expire if you try certain things, for ex. if you try some download managers...can't really use CentOS on this, this was for a customer req. who has already bought RHEL :)

Yajith Ajantha said...

btw. there used to be this download manager called d4x ( downloader for X or smthn ) which always handled RHN stuff quite nicely, that is when the wget also worked well with it. Wonder if it's still around. Should search around and see..

Anonymous said...

You have found the solution to the problem yourself. Most of the time the urls that you get are set to expire(The reason is obvious). And the expiring time is dependent on the size of the download file.
So what you have to do is, get a new url for the same file and use that to resume the download. Simple solution. :)

Yajith Ajantha said...

yeah, that's what i did in the end. but, it was too much of a trouble. as every-time the download stops, you have to manually give it a working link.