Sunday, April 26, 2009

simple Q's and no good answers...

Taking photos is good fun, but when you are left with a couple thousand and the number keeps increasing daily.., that sort of causes a problem. Something i never thought i would run in to. Not that every single photo i have is a cool capture, quite the opposite. Good amount of them are having some problem or the other -some maybe fixable with some editing that I'm too lazy or don't have the skill for, but somehow they are there using up the space. Hard to make up my mind to go through them and delete the ones that didn't turn out good.

I used to think if i really wanna preserve something, i could burn it on to a cd or a dvd, but whole thing with disks sucks hard! Disks are alright for movies! but its a no no for photo albums..too much ruffling around in disks when you want to find something real bad. Don't seem a good enough way anymore. But can't really keep them on the hd wouldn't know when these things decide to die on you. The battery on this thing is only charging up to 30% of the what it should, and this damn thing is new! and the International warranty is just a fancy word when it comes to Acer in SL as i found out, because you have to take it to a repair center that takes in the stuff that's falling into International warranty. And the funny thing is there is no such center with in the whole country. Thank you, very fucking much!

Picasa and flickr both are alright as long as you are willing to pay for the service. Free service is just not enough when you go over a certain number and their limitations sucks behind.

When i make up my mind to pay somehow and get one of those accounts with better capacity, then comes new problems to my head. The originals i have will take weeks if not months to upload over the ADSL that i have. And if i reduce the quality so that the uploading becomes a lesser pain, then what's the point anyways! With all the flickr, picasa and all the work, i still won't be able get my originals if something goes wrong.

It's late and i just removed all the uploads from flickr cause they didn't look so good in the res. i put in. Have got to make up my mind on something, something simple and that covers most the ground. Wonder who won the election, i'm hoping for the lesser evil -if that's even possible. This just blows...

Monday, April 13, 2009

taking a hike...

Kanneliya forest spans over this mountain range

Kanneliya is one cool place to hike.. One would probably need at least 3 days to cover all the hiking tracks. We just covered the longest track and it took something like 5hrs.

According to the guidayya ( guide + ayya ) -hehe just a word i made up just now, kanneliya is actually ahead of 'Sinharaja' forest when it comes to the size & bio diversity. I'm yet to find out how true that is, but the place is quite awesome.

Didn't take the charger for the camera and cause i preferred to travel light so had to sort of preserve the battery, for that shot you'd really want to take, something which i haven't done before. Kind of takes a part of the joy in taking photos..not complaining. Taking too many photos sometimes distracts me from enjoying the hike it self and the camera can actually become a hindrance when you can't use both hands freely..still not complaining.

To me, the most awesome part was the view on the way to the top., could actually see the sama stupa all the way down in unawatuna, which is one of the places we went at the beginning of the trip. Other than that, the bath in the dola was pretty awesome too..

Made a small vid. clip on the way, have to check it out when i reach home..this CTB bus is freakin fast.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

rough sea & beachcombing...

pieces of glass, ones i picked up from the beach

Sea in Hambantota is pretty rough, but is entertaining to look at. Been sometime since i came down to this beach, last time was before the tsunami.

Colombo sun normally drains me, but down hear in hambantota it is actually fun and stuff. Maybe its the holiday spirit.. ;) With the work on new port in hambantota, many shops have moved and this area im in is quite empty and the beach is awesome without people messing about..
Can see the machines that dig the ocean bottom on the floating things and for them its work as usual. I hear they have hit a big rock and now in the process of blowing it up. Many houses got cracks on walls and they say it gets like a tiny earthquake when they set off the charges.

So many sea-shells have washed up to the shore but mostly the usual kinds. The polished broken glass pieces are all over and my pocket is half full with them. That would be my vacation 'save the beach' activity. :D

Left my slippers somewhere on the beach, have to get them..think its them i can see far away..

Have quite good 3g over here not like in the town.

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