Friday, December 26, 2008

SL Radio channels on mplayer

Lots of Sri Lankan online radio stations seem to require Windows Media Player plugin or some other plugin when you try to access them over the Internet. Went through a couple of those radio channels finding out which urls that can be used with mplayer. Below are the findings, hope they will come to some use. I currently only listen to YesFM, and YesFM only.

YesFM ->
TNL Rocks ->
Lite FM ->
Y FM ->
E FM ->
Shakthi FM ->
Neth FM ->
Sirasa FM ->
MAX Radio ->

As an example, to listen to YesFM,
you can use mplayer

This link helped quite a lot in finding out the Radio Channel web sites.


Thilanka Niroshana said...

Hey thanks for sharing. Now I can listen to radio with mplayer without the radio card. I wonder what protocol it uses. It seems it is pumping a mp3 stream over http. But can't say whether that is the actual case without a proper investigation. BTW you can download the stream just like an ordinary file.

chanux said...

Thanx for sharing.