Friday, December 26, 2008

SL Radio channels on mplayer

Lots of Sri Lankan online radio stations seem to require Windows Media Player plugin or some other plugin when you try to access them over the Internet. Went through a couple of those radio channels finding out which urls that can be used with mplayer. Below are the findings, hope they will come to some use. I currently only listen to YesFM, and YesFM only.

YesFM ->
TNL Rocks ->
Lite FM ->
Y FM ->
E FM ->
Shakthi FM ->
Neth FM ->
Sirasa FM ->
MAX Radio ->

As an example, to listen to YesFM,
you can use mplayer

This link helped quite a lot in finding out the Radio Channel web sites.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

tiny sparkles...

tiny sparkles, originally uploaded by Yajith.

City on the Christmas Eve...

This is an experiment. I'm checking out making videos using photos, on Picasa3. These are some of the blurry photos i captured around the City on the Christmas Eve. Got Copped once for taking photos of the City, but didn't feel bad at all. Photos are too blurry in many cases, and way too amateurish, guess i have to improve a lot more. Camera actually has a special mode for night scenes, but for that i'd have to keep it still for like 20 secs or something, which never really works out well. So i just turned off the flasher and kept shooting.

Uploaded the Clip to YouTube and Vimeo both, not judging but feel Vimeo is better. Uploading to blogger was not really working out for me for some reason, put it to upload and waited like 3Hrs, but nothing happened in the end. Perhaps i didn't do it correct.

Below are the two clips. This is waaaay amateurish, so bear with me.

YouTube Clip

Vimeo Clip

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

vim stuff

note to self

I keep forgetting this, and i want to kick my self hard so i won't!!! Even then I'm not sure i won't forget this!

To append some common text to all the lines in a text file with vi/vim, below can be used.

:%s/$/some text

\t = Tab Space

Sunday, December 07, 2008

green and white...

green and white, originally uploaded by Yajith.


I burn stuff..whenever my computer doesn't work, or when the electricity is not there so i can't turn on the computer, that's what i do. I find it very hard to keep my mind from wondering into things that i don't want it to, when im home with nothing to do. Today was such a day!! Woke up around 10.30 to find out that the jerks in CEB have done it yet again, and called on a power cut!! AAARRGH!!

Not only it's fuck bad to be in a power cut, on a Saturday, when you are home, it so happens to be the day someone leaves me an important message online!!! Come evening when i finally log-in what do i find??? Offliners.!! Damn frustrating!

So, I burn stuff...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Counter-Strike 1.6 on Wine

I wanted to play this game Counter-Strike, for some time now..and yesterday i got some free time to try this out. Actually it was pretty easy to get it to work on my Fedora9 with Wine. Only thing i had to do manually was to copy this msvbvm60.dll from a M$ Windows machine to .wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

The graphics get a bit jerky when the game is starting up, and once it loads up its quite smooth.
Btw The installer wizard was filled with some strange looking characters instead of the instructions, but i guess i got the correct buttons when i clicked. Shouldn't be hard.

This would be the second FPS game i had luck with over wine., Unreal tournament being the 1st.