Thursday, March 28, 2013

vCenter Converter Standalone P2V Fail

note to self

vCenter standalone converter 5.0.1-875114 (latest as of 03-2013) still seems to be having this issue with P2V on systems with using the VLAN tagging at the OS level. Culprit seems to be the "dot" (.) in the interface name.

This has been witnessed, identified and workaround suggested by a number of people and the article that helped me is here. Simply turning off those interfaces before the conversion, you can proceed to convert the system -if that is a possibility. If not, you can try the alternative suggested on the same link above, by changing how the interface is named ( VLAN_NAME_TYPE=VLAN_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD )

I witnessed the issue with few RHEL5.4 systems, but was unable to replicate the same on the RHEL5.8. Perhaps the issue has some dependancy on a OS component which has been updated on the later releases on RHEL. ( not so sure! )

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