Sunday, March 24, 2013

Earth Hour 2013

So "Earth Hour" is upon us. It is a great idea to get everyone rallied behind such a cause, and it has a big positive effect on the environment owing to it's massive scale. (Supporters from some 152 countries are said to be taking part of it this year)

If you haven't heard about it at all -which is highly unlikely, head on to and find out more about it. Basically, the idea is to get everyone to shut off the lights in their home/office/building/city? etc. for just 1 hour out of the whole year, alongside all the other supporters of the cause. Of course it is not just about shutting off lights, think of it as a starting point.

There is also a local community around this who's been around for quite some time now. I only came across their page on FB about a day or two ago, my ignorance is to be blamed in that. The group however, seem to be doing good job in getting local organizations involved and popularizing the cause.

Maybe its just me, but wouldn't it be so awesome if all of us -or most- didn't make it this thing where you show up in specially made tees and a candle! It looks nice no doubt, but the cause should be little bit more important and the followers a bit more sensible. After all, the idea is to preserve the environment. 

Surely you don't believe that all of this you do in the name of "Earth Hour" is going to have a good effect on the environment that surrounds you. Why do it then, specially in the name of an event that aims to unite everyone around preserving the earth, the nature at least for just 60 minutes a year. 

Doesn't make much sense, does it. Then again, if all the campaigning is done in such a manner that it has zero  negative effect on the environment, it will lose the "cool" image(will it?) and none us will show up at any of the public events? Something to think about, isn't it? (Or not)

For my part, i will shut off the electricity, blow off any candles and spend the one hour in darkness....Hoping it is a start. Hoping i would be able to do a little bit more tomorrow. Hoping it would make a difference..a Real difference.

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