Friday, March 01, 2013

Cleaning up and other things

Thought i'd clean up the layout a little bit now that I'm in here after a long long time. Not that anyone would notice (haha) just something i wanted to do for a while now.

Decided to remove most of the Widgets i put up time to time. Didn't really want to remove FSF and Fedora widgets but in the end decided against them as i want to have a leaner look. Maybe i'll add them back again in their tiny form.

So i was watching a few things on the tube and off and came across something pretty interesting. ShayCarl was on one of the videos and i could barely recognize him. I had to actually go back and check to confirm that it IS in fact the right guy. The reason is massive weight loss program he has come up with and documented on one of his channels ShayLoss. Thanks to my ignorance, busyness and ignorance, i have actually missed the whole thing which is about 3 years old news. Anyway, i find the whole thing quite interesting and inspiring. And now i'm watching my way through the channel starting from the beginning.

Down below is what i was watching when i came across the whole story above, from another YouTuber i follow devinsupertramp. Enjoy.


Gaveen Prabhasara said...

Cleaner. But you've still leftover got ads on the bottom, unless it was deliberate.

Yajith Ajantha said...

@Gaveen that was deliberate. Thought to keep it for now since it's tiny and was not getting on the way.