Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cloud hunting on GMaps

So i have been thinking of what other ways to contribute to the Sri Lanka GMapping effort.

One thing i came across in many areas when surfing through the GMaps is that there are still a number of areas that are completely or partially covered by clouds. Google has put up a way for everyone to report such incidences but the link is quite hard to spot and it took me a while to realize that it has been there from the beginning.

To report unclear imagery -or any other detail for that matter, you can simply use the "Report a problem" link placed towards bottom right of the GMaps window. This link takes you to the same place.

I'm planning to spend some time with hunting for locations that are obscured due to clouds. Hopefully, it will help to improve the quality of overall GMaps experience in some way for everyone.

Looking forward to MapUp Colombo 2013 event that is scheduled to happen on this weekend. "Map Maker Sri Lanka Community" page is a good place to get started on the local mapping activities.

Update : I will be adding all the locations i report here as i go on, it will be easy for me to keep track.

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