Monday, February 15, 2010


This is just a test with Grooveshark widgets. I added YesFM Phat-30 stuff on to it. Wanted to see how it works embedded like this. Link to self is here because FB notes don't play well with embedded stuff. :-)

Couldn't locate "Live Forever - JAy Z" on Grooveshark, so this version of Phat-30 only has 29 tracks. Lolz!

Update: Found the 30th Track thanks to my musical friend. What appears on the YesFM site doesn't seem to be the correct title of the last song, which explains why i couldn't find it. Personally, i only listen to the Morning Show ;-) but have found my self checking the Phat 30 list on the site more than once, and i think its a nice addition.

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