Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pidgin-2.6.4 RPMs for Fedora 12

Just built a set of RPMs from pidgin-2.6.4 which was released some hours ago. I think i have messed up the package naming conventions, made the build to appear as 2.6.4-0.f12pre.

Had to make some small changes to the 2.6.3 .spec cuz. the .spec that comes with the source was not made specifically for current Fedora releases, as it appeared.

If you are interested in checking them out, get them from the below links.

Uploading to MediaFire sucked big time! and then tried a similar site with the same result. Perhaps its their flash based upload tools that doesn't play well with Firefox-GNU/Linux. Uploading to RapidShare now, and probably won't be going back to any of those other services for a long time if it keeps working well.

2.6.4 is not on the yum yet, make sure to take this one off and put the proper one once it appears on the updates. This is only meant to be a experiment. :-)

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