Friday, December 25, 2009

City on the Christmas Eve...

This is coming close to becoming an yearly thing with me now. Walked around and took some more ;-) blurry pictures like the last time. Compared to the last year, managed to reduce the number of blurred ones, still the tube video looks kindda crappy. Perhaps the uploading messed it up, cause the orig. looks slightly better. Hope the vimeo one turns out to be better, too early to say though..its still being processed.

Didn't get copped or anything like that this time, even managed to watch last few overs of SL cricket match while sipping some jasmine tea in the middle. Found out you are not supposed to sit on that platform with the flag post on Galle face green, a friendly army fellow said so. Would be fun to take a good camera with a tripod sometime in the night over there, want to make panoramic stuff.

For now its just the tube vid. only, will post as they come. :D Thought i'd do without the captions this time, perhaps i shouldn't have. As i have said before, This is waaaay amateurish, so bear with me.

YouTube Clip

Update: Vimeo Clip
Vimeo Air Uploader was pretty useful btw. Power failure happened half-way, and continued the rest of the upload the next day, still it worked.

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