Tuesday, December 29, 2009

gnome autostart stuff

note to self

Seems that the prioritizing autostart scripts has been dropped for some reason. Wanted this as i wanted to get Rumpus to start as i login to my F12. But it depends on Internet connectivity or else the java starts throwing some exceptions at you. Someone on #fedora pointed this out, saying priorities are not one of the priorities ;-) of gnome-autostart dev's at the moment. Hopefully they will do something about that once the more important stuff are taken care of.

For the time being, something like this can be used to get around the network connectivity by checking for the connection before trying anything.

check() {
if [[ `nm-tool | grep "^State"` = 'State: connected' ]]; then
sleep 5

Nothing big, but saves sometime looking around. Hope this helps.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

gnome stuff

note to self

Came across a small problem with a USB Scroll Mouse on Fedora 12, where the 3rd button functionality not proper. Simple fix was changing a gnome configuration key value. Good to have Configuration Editior installed for these sort of stuff.

Change the key /desktop/gnome/accessibility/mouse/button_layout value from 2 > 3 and you are done.

To get the Configuration Editor installed, yum install gconf-editor can be used.

Friday, December 25, 2009

City on the Christmas Eve...

This is coming close to becoming an yearly thing with me now. Walked around and took some more ;-) blurry pictures like the last time. Compared to the last year, managed to reduce the number of blurred ones, still the tube video looks kindda crappy. Perhaps the uploading messed it up, cause the orig. looks slightly better. Hope the vimeo one turns out to be better, too early to say though..its still being processed.

Didn't get copped or anything like that this time, even managed to watch last few overs of SL cricket match while sipping some jasmine tea in the middle. Found out you are not supposed to sit on that platform with the flag post on Galle face green, a friendly army fellow said so. Would be fun to take a good camera with a tripod sometime in the night over there, want to make panoramic stuff.

For now its just the tube vid. only, will post as they come. :D Thought i'd do without the captions this time, perhaps i shouldn't have. As i have said before, This is waaaay amateurish, so bear with me.

YouTube Clip

Update: Vimeo Clip
Vimeo Air Uploader was pretty useful btw. Power failure happened half-way, and continued the rest of the upload the next day, still it worked.

shoebox project...

shoeboxes ready to be delivered

Had a fun time collecting stuff for the shoebox project, thought of actually going through with it at the last moment, even though we thought about it sometime back. Just managed to collect enough $$ and goods to fill 10 boxes. Thought of asking others to pitch in with less than two days at hand, still managed to reach that amount.

Shay & B (Blessie?!) was among the show hosts that we met, -the ones that i can recall the names of- very friendly people, with unbelievable voices!

Shoebox was this charity thing organized by YES FM during the Christmas time, to collect gifts to be handed out to the kids stuck in IDP camps. Always was interested in going there, and perhaps helping out, don't seem like it will happen though. Perhaps i should make it happen. YES FM had some info on the promos & events page on the shoebox project, but its no longer there..probably because it's kindda old news now.

They were short of boxes at the time i went to collect, so there was only 9 boxes with us. Had to hand over the remaining stuff in a shopping bag! :-)

Friends were complaining about the last minute nature of it, should try to make stuff like this not-so-last-minute next time around if that happens. Its just that, i find myself doing it better when it IS last minute..guess i like the rush..LOLz!

This post, more than anything is to thank each one of them who helped out...and the ones who wanted to but couldn't. Just wanted to say, YOU ROCK!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

squid stuff

note to self

Keep forgetting this one, and end up look around for it all over again. To get the Date & Time in a human friendly format on Squid, it can be piped through this.
#!/usr/bin/perl -p
s/^\d+\.\d+/localtime $&/e;
Quite useful if you are going through the logs looking for activities on certain dates and times, and if you don't have a log-parser-report generator program installed. Found it over here.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pidgin-2.6.4 RPMs for Fedora 12

Just built a set of RPMs from pidgin-2.6.4 which was released some hours ago. I think i have messed up the package naming conventions, made the build to appear as 2.6.4-0.f12pre.

Had to make some small changes to the 2.6.3 .spec cuz. the .spec that comes with the source was not made specifically for current Fedora releases, as it appeared.

If you are interested in checking them out, get them from the below links.

Uploading to MediaFire sucked big time! and then tried a similar site with the same result. Perhaps its their flash based upload tools that doesn't play well with Firefox-GNU/Linux. Uploading to RapidShare now, and probably won't be going back to any of those other services for a long time if it keeps working well.

2.6.4 is not on the yum yet, make sure to take this one off and put the proper one once it appears on the updates. This is only meant to be a experiment. :-)