Sunday, September 27, 2009

Iranian President on Larry King Live again

Iranian president was on Larry King Live again, this past Friday i think. Below is the full tube.

5 parts: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5

CNN had a similar interview about a year ago, an old post with youtube vids. of that interview is here.

Goes on over the same old questions about nuclear program, holocaust and the also the recent post-election protests. Understand there is a translation delay before every question, they have conveniently gone ahead with not editing them out. Better i suppose, Au naturel!

It's fun to watch having someone handle larry king in this way. Notice the amount of breaks they take when ever they want to switch subjects, when the current one is not exactly going the way they wanted.

Nobody has their act together, they want to jump in the middle and muddy up, so nothing is clear afterwards, is what i feel. None has the steel to listen to whatever it is that the other guy is saying and then come up with their side of the argument in this business, the politics.

Specially liked the part they sparred on about the holocaust, them are just blocking each other and audience can just pick a side. Nothing to be gained. Who gives a flyin duck about the holocaust these days anyways, there is other shit to worry about..and people forget quick. Is true, that a lot of us feel for the oppressed, that too probably happened after watching a movie or two on subject, the depth of it is just not gonna get us to any satisfying conclusions in most cases. We just don't know shit! Or just don't know enough of it..and they forget too soon! is what I'm thinking.

This, Schindler's List is an awesome piece of movie, like it a LOT! one of those "must see"s IMHO. And Steven Spielberg is Jewish, so is Larry King..Really like the work of the former, latter is annoying at best, except for few occasions..his wife is not though, she doesn't look bad either..LOL!

Someone said District 9 is the new Cloverfield. I don't believe them. Have yet to check that one out though..and it wasn't Peter Jackson who directed District 9.

I think i have a frequent subject hopping disorder!

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