Tuesday, August 25, 2009

comic times...

my favorite superhero comic character Superman

Maybe its a thing with our time, most of us couldn't afford or just didn't have access to the comics when they were big everywhere else, and now the movies are being made after most, that many of us will never have go for a comic novel. Of course there is only so much you can put in to a movie, and a good deal gets lost in the translation.

Had some old Superman comic books i inherited :) you just got to love the detail and the hand drawn graphics they have. Almost make you feel bad that they came and went before your time. Then again, the cartoons, 3Ds and their comic-movie versions that's there today, are pretty OK.:) They just got a lot of stuff to make enough interest for them to come back.

Perhaps there aren't many comic fans from the printed age in here, but surely there are many who can relate to the new comic culture. All the little ones these days seem to have Ben 10 everything. T-Shirts, Caps, Washable Tattoos n all that.

I don't get Ben 10, main reason probably is never sitting down to watch it, but i do get Avatar. Not that i just get it, i dig it. I'm waiting for the movie that's said to be coming out next year. And Night Shyamalan is the director of that!

With the pace of the things, it won't be too long for things like comic-con to become a part of our pop culture. I have no idea how cool it should have been at this year's comic-con, but perhaps this youtube will help to put things in perspective. ;-) Just kiddin.

Went to see Watchmen sometime back, was not a big fan of the comic series, and if not for the movie probably will not even hear about it much. But totally worth the time i spent in the queue waiting for it. :) Like this catchy tune they have at the beginning of the movie. Old one from Bob Dylan, but it just works!

Times really are a changing. Yep.


Gaveen said...

I'm also waiting for the Avatar movie. Hope they don't screw it up. And I've heard it's based on book 1, so Toph isn't there (too bad).

Yajith Ajantha said...

yeah, i hope so too. according to wikipedia it is based on book one, yes. liked the directors few other movies, this is gonna be interesting.