Monday, July 06, 2009

trying to float...

lady in the water(1947) by Toni Frissell

So i'm working on my swimming again. Had to, specially after the olhahali and other islands. Snorkeling is many times funner and so many times less drowning risk is involved, when you can actually swim! Swimming is something i just got to be able to do! Going to go back to the basics and come from there this time. I'm pretty positive about this method and plus, the coach seems to be even more positive that this is the best way.

Started today from the very basic face down float. Looks very simple, but NOT -at least to me. Supposed to relax all the muscles and just float like a log, but closest i could manage was a tilted log where the waist down just hangs downwards from the water level, and eventually drags the rest of the log down.

Not too worried though, i'm just getting started. Given enough practice, think i'm gonna get this one done. But I have been ignorant in a way, that there are so many people around who are trying to keep their heads above the water, with losing jobs, rising fuel prices and dozens of other shit that's hard to spell. And i'm only trying to float in this pool at the shallow end, where there are designated life-guards. Not that i think there is much i could do, but ignorance-is-a-bliss, if spoken like a true asshole. Real World freaks the fuck out of me sometimes..

Wonder whats up with the recession, few months back the media couldn't give enough about it, and now they just don't give enough..understandable though, quite a few headliners happened recently, like MJ's death, Confusions over Iran's Election, MJ's death..etc. By the way, Iran election and most of the events that followed actually happened before MJ passed away.

Rest In Peace MJ!

Guess thats how life is, one thing or another will always come up thats gonna grab our attention, but the key is to not to lose sight of the goal, which is to relax and keep our heads above the water...and thats called floating.!

I gave my seat to this pregnant lady just a little while ago in the bus, wonder if she any good at the float. Seriously though, everyone's gonna need some good deeds to bring them good fortune in this uncertain times. 

I should practice more often, this floating thing. I just can 't for the life of me get how a person can float straight and also relax the whole body at the same time...thinking of getting me one of these pool membership things.

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Thilanka said...

Duuuuudesss. What's going on. What u have to do is learn to swim only. Not think about other stuff. By the way ur learning technique is also recommended by me as well since I can do that face down float too. It is a basic type of body relaxing method in the water.
The key is to take a deep breath and stop thinking about the surroundings and just float like there's nothing that u care about the world. It is easy for u. :p
Anyways I know u can swim well in the sea water cause I've seen u. It is just a matter of learning the proper techniques to harvest the full potential of the power that ur putting on to the water. Face up floating is a bit tricky though.
Good luck from a man who hasn't been to a pool at least four times.

e4c5 said...

So you went to malidves on a holiday without being able to swim? well hope you spent the time on photography then.

(btw: I can't swim either)

Yajith Ajantha said...

@thilanka: yeah, going to come from the beginning this time..just being able to move on the water isn't good enough. think i'm not doing it the best way, and it drains a lot of energy than it would otherwise. So, taking the advice from this instructor, working on the basics only for now.

@e4c5: yeah, went for a work thing, but spared time for other stuff too. Snorkeled a lot, but chickened out at the deep sea snorkel -which is why i think m still around ;) - got a load of photos as well, but mainly with the guys n stuff, tried not to worry too much about making good photography...

29/04 to 18/05 on
most of the photos are there. welcome to check out the rest of the pics too.