Monday, May 04, 2009

on IPL...

doubt if this is the official logo, found it from here

Lot of people are on IPL subject these times, so why not. To me, the whole idea of IPL is just genius! Not a big fan of cricket nor in "indian" approach to many things, but this is too good fun! Players i like from many teams playing together on the same side, something i wouldn't have been able to witness if this concept wasn't there. Yeah, there was something similar in england and perhaps few other places, but nothing that worked this well.

Still, having Indian Premier League all the way down in South Africa, just blows! I wish they selected SL, but frikken security reasons get in the way all-the-time.

We're the closest place with quite a few int'l grounds, and if a low pressure or whateva happens in bay-of-bengal , we move it to dambulla and we'll still get play! It's like what, 3hrs on a bus from Colombo to Dambulla! similar amount to Galle.

And Preity Zinta would be in SL rite now.YES! Thought of how good it could have been, just sucks! I'm a wayy bigger fan of Preity than of Cricket!

It's gonna be interesting when we kick LTTE the fuck out from here, and to see South Indian politics take a hit! Perhaps they will move the IPL here for the next season! That is if Karunanidhi or prabhakaran's some indian cousin twice removed doesn't go on a hunger strike! against that too. And appeal to the indians and their weeping hearts for terrorists! What goes around-comes around you morons!


Yajith Ajantha said...

straying off topics is becoming a thing with me.. :D

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Secret crush on Pretty Sinta! Ur second wish must be that u were Sangakkara! Hahahaha!!!

Yajith Ajantha said...

i thought its just me who noticed that about preity..she seems to have a big thing on Sanga. and No, i don't wish that..i'm going to wait till she sees the light by her self! :D