Monday, April 13, 2009

taking a hike...

Kanneliya forest spans over this mountain range

Kanneliya is one cool place to hike.. One would probably need at least 3 days to cover all the hiking tracks. We just covered the longest track and it took something like 5hrs.

According to the guidayya ( guide + ayya ) -hehe just a word i made up just now, kanneliya is actually ahead of 'Sinharaja' forest when it comes to the size & bio diversity. I'm yet to find out how true that is, but the place is quite awesome.

Didn't take the charger for the camera and cause i preferred to travel light so had to sort of preserve the battery, for that shot you'd really want to take, something which i haven't done before. Kind of takes a part of the joy in taking photos..not complaining. Taking too many photos sometimes distracts me from enjoying the hike it self and the camera can actually become a hindrance when you can't use both hands freely..still not complaining.

To me, the most awesome part was the view on the way to the top., could actually see the sama stupa all the way down in unawatuna, which is one of the places we went at the beginning of the trip. Other than that, the bath in the dola was pretty awesome too..

Made a small vid. clip on the way, have to check it out when i reach home..this CTB bus is freakin fast.

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