Friday, April 10, 2009

rough sea & beachcombing...

pieces of glass, ones i picked up from the beach

Sea in Hambantota is pretty rough, but is entertaining to look at. Been sometime since i came down to this beach, last time was before the tsunami.

Colombo sun normally drains me, but down hear in hambantota it is actually fun and stuff. Maybe its the holiday spirit.. ;) With the work on new port in hambantota, many shops have moved and this area im in is quite empty and the beach is awesome without people messing about..
Can see the machines that dig the ocean bottom on the floating things and for them its work as usual. I hear they have hit a big rock and now in the process of blowing it up. Many houses got cracks on walls and they say it gets like a tiny earthquake when they set off the charges.

So many sea-shells have washed up to the shore but mostly the usual kinds. The polished broken glass pieces are all over and my pocket is half full with them. That would be my vacation 'save the beach' activity. :D

Left my slippers somewhere on the beach, have to get them..think its them i can see far away..

Have quite good 3g over here not like in the town.

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