Sunday, March 08, 2009

on self immolation...

"he did this for the country", a one that looks like this perhaps...

Just came across this news article of a self immolation. I had actually heard of this sort of thing before. Details are a bit hazy as i heard it from my father or someone a long time ago, it was about these Vietnamese monks who burned them selves up in protest to the Vietnam war. Too hard to imagine, but true! Felt like a bloody heroic act, and still i do about that situation.

But now I'm thinking, this total fucking lunatic's name is going to go in history books as along with them.
I decided to sacrifice my life ... The flames over my body will be a torch to guide you through the liberation path
This is the suicide note speaking on behalf of him. I mean WTF! What fucking path of liberation is he talking about? Surely can't be one involving more dead Sri Lankans, -Tamil or Sinhalese!

The family goes on to say how proud they are of their son's 'sacrifice'. This is totally fucking retarded, I'm thinking. Then it hits me, this is just another that is going to add weight to the whole misinterpreted genocide drama. It used to be a confused singer who talks trash -a lot, now we have a fucking dead guy. dead weight!

What a waste.!

What's sad is that a lot of people, specially the tamils living outside of the country going to look at this as an act of heroism, just like the way i used to look at those monks protesting against the U.S brought war in Vietnam. And there is abso-fucking-lutely nothing i can do about it, I'm too afraid of fire!

This is seriously messed up, it's late and i still haven't got my lunch yet even.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I think u should try to be a hero and burn ur self up. Just don't think of fire, pour some petrol over ur head so that ur fully soaked in it and then light a match stick. That's it. I'll write a blog post about the brave Yajith.
Anyways the idiot who burnt him self is being praised by his family in London. That's great. I hope that their other children will follow the same path as their brother was. Bloody morons..