Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on mobile-life...

I use mobile services heavily, and have come to depend on them quite a lot. I can remember, that it was a luxury only a few could afford only a few years ago..

Its amazing to think about how far it has changed each one of ours life style becoming a necessity from a luxury!

I personally depend on the mobile and the mobile services that i use over it so much, it has come to the point where without it, it would simply be crippling to most everything i do. While having all the tools of choice at our finger tips simplifies our overly complex life-style, we are adding another 'thing' to our list of necessities, without which we can't survive..that is a sort of a problem now, i feel.

Could it be possible, that this whole mobile life thing getting the best of me? I'm just thinking aloud..

Just received a poke on FB via sms, time to get online on messenger.. :D perhaps the answer will come to me in that.

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