Monday, March 23, 2009

the heat and the bus ride...

YesFM hoarding in Colombo 08

Colombo is damn hot these days! If I'm in my room watching a movie or something, it feels like I'm just going to melt with this fucking heat! It's still the morning, yet it feels like its like mid-day. Putting on the fan doesn't help, at best what it does is sending a wave of hot-air my way.

I get on a A/C bus so i can get to work fast, not because it offers any luxury that are expected from them on other "normal" routes.., and 10 minutes inside, I'm sweating my ass off! inside a A/C! I mean, it's bad enough with most of the women making their way inside the bus with their 'wedge maneuver', and now its uber suckery!

Any guy who take the bus on daily basis, like me, would probably know what I'm talking about..Women in this country have mastered this technique where they simply put their hand through the people standing in the sides of the bus, grabbing hold of a seat, and 'maneuver' their way into the side, instead of having to go to the behind ( or front for that matter ) of the bus like any other normal person would. Just not that I'm not complaining too much, but sooner or later someone would probably break one of those maneuvering arms in two..and perhaps its the right time now..just thinking aloud. :D

Still, looking at the bright side of things, this ain't the worst route! not even close. Yes it gets closed for VIP movements like everyday, and if the parliament shit flinging is in session, then its worse, but at least the route is OK, I'm thinking..

I get to see the paddy and the green at the beginning( hehe, i practically live in one, but still..good is good ), around Kaduwela and Malabe, and then after making your way through some warm-up traffic before Koswatta, you hit the mother load right after Battaramulla..still not complaining! I like to look at the "Diyawanna Oya" while having my daily dose of morning show on the radio.

You get to Rajagiriya, and on the Castle Road you give way to all the pregnant ladies to get off the bus, and from there onwards its pretty ok i think. :D

I get off with nothing short of a struggle for my sack -where i keep my wallet and my camera and some other junk that I've gotten used to bring to office, and check if i have most of my body parts intact and walk my way to office passing Borella Cemetery..It looks quite calm and peaceful in there, specially when there is no VIP funeral happening, which is not very often.

I used to go all the way to Kolpetty before, passing Horton Place, and The Green Path. HP is ok, but it sucks thanks to the genius of the drainage system when it rains..but no rain is anywhere near, and if I'm lucky enough (kidding), i get a peek of cool kids at St. Bridget's & Otara's place for beautiful things to wear. I think i'm in love with that woman, in a totally fan to celebrity way.., love what she's done with the place. I find it refreshing there, and pop-rocks is fun to chew.

Green Path is nice, but i like in on weekends and at nights mostly. They have a lot of paintings on the side and i get to stare at the people who play tennis, and renew my plans for tennis. At late night its even funner, and i take photos if the coppers aren't near by.

Thats pretty much where the road ends and you get to Kolpetty, and you go about your way. This is just a look back on tiny good things on my route, because let's face it, bus travel sucks! and i need a reminding of these tiny good things.

They have changed the hoarding at D.S junction with a better one, still i so wish something on the same shelf with the YesFM Red Vs. Black party Hoarding, which is by far the best one this place have seen as i see.

I think the heat is getting to me, I'm just blabbering.!

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