Friday, March 13, 2009

head kandy...

Outside view of the Temple, Sri Dalada Maligawa.

So a relative got me hooked with this pass for the ceremony at the Kandy Temple. Its been a while since i was there last time, always liked being there. They don't have expositions every year, so its a kind of a big deal. Ah, they have this huge water fountain thing on the lake which i don't remember seeing before..must be a cool thing if you can get close to it.

Too long and slow bus, nearly 4hrs. and a massive queue to wait in line before getting in to the temple. If we thought the pass would get us in, we couldn't have been more wrong. That particular queue was insanely long..think its at least 2-3 kilometers. At least it didn't go all the way around the lake and further away like the other queues, so guess that's at least a good thing. Somehow managed to get in, and got to see the tooth relic on display, finally after many hours on queue.

Felt sorry for all the people who were on the queue for so many hours, and still who didn't get a chance to get inside. At least the exposition goes on for couple more days, today is only the 7th day in to it.

Old people, young people, sick people, people carrying elder people, people who can't walk, all of them squeezed on to a couple of queues. People pushing each other and jumping ahead of the queue and exchanging words, the whole works..think you can deal with that, probably should check it out..they give cold Lukspray for free.

A five month old was left out somewhere, and they were calling the mother ( they had the name somehow ) on the loudspeaker thing for hours, someone who was at the temple breastfed the little one as he/she was not doing too good without any food. What sort of a bitch brings a five month old to this sort of a thing and manage to lose it is something i don't get!

Met some people at the bus stop on the way back, who's been on the queue since the morning but still didn't get a chance to go in. :(

I get to Colombo late and have no buses on my route! Caught good old -literally CTB from pettah on a boring route, get off and have a kottu at a night kade. Damn..i was hungry..trishaw guy was alright, he didn't over-charge $$$ me to drop me home.

It's late, and i missed my badminton today, but for a worthy cause. People should choose what they want most, and not worry too much about the rest, is what i feel.


Anonymous said...

It is for a good cause you gave up ur badminton cause. Bloody hell some ppl's last wish is to see the sacred tooth. On the other hand morons like me are too lazy to go and see it while our age permit us. Anyways nice post. You have described all the details. But none about the sacred tooth and all.

saadhu said...

dear yajith, you would have gone ot see the Tooth Relic with a good heart as a true follower of the Buddha. so please have some compassion for the poor woman who would have left the little baby. no mother, human or animal would leave her own baby like that without a good reason. a bastard who thinks he is a man may have got her with child and abandoned her. or her husband may have died, or sick or jobless. if there was no way for her to feed the baby, if there was no way for her to haveanything to eat, there woudl be no way for her to produce enugh milk for the baby. she perhapse would have though that all ttah among all the people who come with their 'metta'there woudl be a kind soul who could take care of the baby.

Yajith Ajantha said...

@thilanka yeah, not worried at all about missing play n stuff man..too bad you didn't go if you could have. Did you know they stopped it yesterday?

It was supposed to go on till 16th, but now its canceled for some reason of which the details are very fuzzy.

Something to do with security i guess. If that is the case, glad they had the right mind to cancel it before something bad happened...

Kandy temple was a terrorists target from long before..

Yajith Ajantha said...

@saadhu from what i heard -they said it on the loudspeaker, the child was in a bad condition from not having any food for the most part of the day. finally, some mother who was at the temple fed the child.

If this woman was really unable to feed the child, perhaps she could have thought some other way which doesn't risk the little ones life is what i feel.

But yes, i understand this sort of stuff happen when someone is desperate and no one to turn to. Still, that's not going to make what she did any less bad, wouldn't you agree ?

totally agree that i should feel compassion towards, but i just didn't at that time, was putting more weight on who-to-blame, i suppose. :)