Tuesday, March 24, 2009

better odds with social media...

always wanted to get a photo like this, it just isn't happening

Caught an interesting piece on the radio today. They were on about -Where to meet women 2009- a list formed out with 10 best ways of meeting women for guys. I wrote it down as it went on, they were good enough to give a moment to find a pen and a paper, which is quite hard because i keep losing my black pens!

It goes like this,
10. Dance Classes
09. Wine Tasting Events
08. Dog Parks
07. Meetup.com Groups
06. Art Walks
05. Acting Classes
04. Fitness Classes
03. Community Service or Volunteering
02. Organized Trips
01. Social Media Web-sites

I wrote it down the other way as the radio said it, with few hearing errors. This is pretty cool for anyone who is on the look out. Some of the items in the list doesn't really apply to a majority of us in SL, but many of them does. The top of the list says it all, how far the Social Media has become a part of most of ours day-to-day life.

While i leave everyone to decide how good or bad this is, if you are interested in meeting someone, looking at the list i would suggest to get on the Social Media Wave, because it seems to have worked for most of the people and there is a good chance that its going to work for you too.

I think I'm more in to the conventional ways, but hey.., maybe i will take part in a blood drive or something, purely for the pleasure of experimentation, not that I'm on the lookout. ;)

The list and the details are on AskMen.com.

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