Monday, February 02, 2009

Leaving The Nest...

Took a few more photos of the two little Red Vented Bulbuls today, as they still allow me to get close to them. Their parents make a big fuss about it -or so i think, with their annoyed noises. Still i had to try and take at least a few. The previous videos are much better, i think.

I had to find out they don't like to be held in the hand, the hard way.. ;)

Below are few more photos in a flash slideshow, from Picasa.

The time has come for these two to leave their nest. So has to a friend quite important and close to me, who's making an important step down her own path on this same day. Let this be a warm wish of good luck.. :)

Until we meet again, au revoir!!!


Yasith said...

nice stuff. can't believe they are so friendly with humans :)

Yajith Ajantha said...

yep..same here..only the little ones though..not the parents, who knows better.. ;)