Thursday, February 26, 2009

on genocide...

Couple years back, as i remember, you didn't get to hear the word "Genocide" as much. And when you do, the chances are its either something to do with Hitler, WW2 or perhaps the mass killings in Rwanda among few others. Those are the ones ones that sort of got stuck with the word.

The times have clearly changed! From TV Talk Shows to Student rallys, from Blog posts to twitter comments, the word "Genocide" seem to be buzzing these days.

Only problem i see, is that the meaning of the word is just lost on most of these new commentators -specially the ones like MIA, and it's damaging to us when they go on public with shit they should sit down and think through!

An interesting read + vid on this is here.

Wikipedia lists "Genocide" as "is the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group."

Few links that's interesting -at least to me ;) are below.

Terrorism, "the systematic use of terror (imposing fear), especially as a means of coercion."

Twitter Search on genocide.

An article from on the "most dangerous and deadly extremist" outfit in the world.

timezone stuff

note to self

On RHEL4+ systems, timezone data files are kept in /usr/share/zoneinfo/ with the /etc/localtime symbolic link pointing at the correct time zone the machine belonging to.

If the time zone data file doesn't contain the correct information, then the system seem to assume its on GMT. Now if the system date and time is set manually to the current localtime, everything appears normal.

One noticed problem that happens in such a setup is if this machine serves as a mail server, then the mail header contains these time zone details. This can cause strange problems with MS Outlook, as outlook seem to use this value and the local machines time-zone details to calculate the display time on mails.

For some reason, the mail clients running on GNU/Linux systems appears to be immune to this problem. Still have find out how the mail clients such as evolution etc. display the received time on mails.

On RHELs the time zone data are provided in tzdata package, and it's important to keep that up2date, specially if it is an online system.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Leaving The Nest...

Took a few more photos of the two little Red Vented Bulbuls today, as they still allow me to get close to them. Their parents make a big fuss about it -or so i think, with their annoyed noises. Still i had to try and take at least a few. The previous videos are much better, i think.

I had to find out they don't like to be held in the hand, the hard way.. ;)

Below are few more photos in a flash slideshow, from Picasa.

The time has come for these two to leave their nest. So has to a friend quite important and close to me, who's making an important step down her own path on this same day. Let this be a warm wish of good luck.. :)

Until we meet again, au revoir!!!