Sunday, January 25, 2009

Newly Born...

The eggs inside the bird nest in my place has hatched about two days ago, and two little ones have come out.

The Eggs.

Took this about a week ago, was very hard to reach it to get a better view, i didn't want to risk alerting the bird parents. :)

A Parent.

The new born.

A worried Parent.

This one kept making weird noises, every time it noticed me trying to get a clear view. Finally decided to take a video and not to bother them anymore.

Think they are 'konda kurulla'. As the still-shots didn't work so well, took a few videos. Quality is not very good, but this is what i can afford at the moment. ;)

Didn't upload to youtube, cause vimeo appeared better last time..but i still can't make up mind on picking up one of them.

Would be glad to hear about any tips/advices in achieving better photos/videos..:) I still suck at this, specially when capturing moving objects!

Update: Added to YouTube


Thilanka Niroshana said...

Youtube's high quality seems to be better than vimeo. But takes time to load.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Greetings from Italy,good luck


Yajith Ajantha said...

@thilanka: yes..still hard to decide on one of them. i think m stuck with both of them. :)

@Ivo Serentha and Friends: Thanks..Greetings from Sri Lanka! :)

Dilan Anuruddha said...

Nice shots bro!
Seems like movin picture corp is getting far more serious ;)

sticker said...