Thursday, January 01, 2009

a good year...

2008 just ended leaving a lot of memories. When i look back, this year has been a quite an important one to me in so many ways.

Made a few very close friendships, Learned a quite a lot of lessons in life and started to look at things quite differently, and got to do lot of things i have been wanting to do for a long time during this past year.

As a result, I'm entering this new year, the year of 2009, with a far better state of mind than i had at the beginning of 2008.! Guess i owe it to my close friends, who stuck by me during my hours of need ( quite frankly, there were some! ) and helped me through them. I feel I'm approaching this new year as at least a slightly better person than i used to be, with all the things i went through, and the experiences i gathered during.!

Guess what I want to say is that 2008 is been such an important year in my life, which left me with a lot, that I'm going to approach this new year with an optimistic mood, and better equipped, with all the experiences i had, during this past wonderful year!

I will remember all of them -miss a few of them a lot ;) , without whom i wouldn't be able to say this, for all the years to come. This is just a few words of gratitude from me for all that i have been given by them.

So, here I'm, at the beginning of this new year, hoping for another good one!

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Thilanka Niroshana said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a great year. Wish you another good year plus double the good things that happened to you last year. So it makes three times better than last year. :)
And Happy birth day macho (Machan/Mychum).