Thursday, December 25, 2008

City on the Christmas Eve...

This is an experiment. I'm checking out making videos using photos, on Picasa3. These are some of the blurry photos i captured around the City on the Christmas Eve. Got Copped once for taking photos of the City, but didn't feel bad at all. Photos are too blurry in many cases, and way too amateurish, guess i have to improve a lot more. Camera actually has a special mode for night scenes, but for that i'd have to keep it still for like 20 secs or something, which never really works out well. So i just turned off the flasher and kept shooting.

Uploaded the Clip to YouTube and Vimeo both, not judging but feel Vimeo is better. Uploading to blogger was not really working out for me for some reason, put it to upload and waited like 3Hrs, but nothing happened in the end. Perhaps i didn't do it correct.

Below are the two clips. This is waaaay amateurish, so bear with me.

YouTube Clip

Vimeo Clip


e4c5 said...

You are lucky not to be detained under emergency regulations. Copppers think anyone with a camera is a terrorist.

Yajith Ajantha said...

yeah..i guess so. Good thing i didn't act freaked out or anything like that, i almost took another after they stopped and went through stuff. They stopped me from taking that one ;)

Thilanka Niroshana said...

Nice photo slide show. I liked the comments the most. BTW it seems vimeo's quality is better compared to youtube in here.

Yajith Ajantha said... seems like vimeo is better quality. But the thing is, when you view the clip on YouTube site it self, they give an option to view it in a higher quality, and that one, even though it takes longer to load, seems to be with even better quality than the vimeo. I like some of the features in vimeo, specially the progress indicator when uploading.

Yajith Ajantha said...

just noticed that 4 out of 5 is in the wrong place. It should appear right after the one with Cinnamon sign on top. Too lazy to redo the whole thing, after all this was just an experiment. ;)