Monday, October 13, 2008

its rpm-build NOT rpmbuild..!

note to self

"rpmbuild" is the tool used to build rpms ( something like a .deb in Debian flavours ). Whenever i want to build a rpm on a system where i don't have rpmbuild installed, its quite easy to get it installed on the system using "yum".

The problem ( - not exactly a problem, just something that keeps on happening to me ) is that when i do "yum install rpmbuild" yum doesn't output what i need. Instead it outputs stuff which are not really even related to my requirement. The program that provides rpmbuild is named "rpm-build", which keeps causing me this problem. :(

The packages given as results from yum, when the query string is given as "rpmbuild", all seem to have the word "rpmbuild" on their "info" meta data, but its strange, and quite frankly annoying that "rpm-build" ( the actual package that provides "rpmbuild" ) doesn't have the key "rpmbuild" which could be the reason for this.

And, before i forget, the correct way would be "yum install rpm-build" :)
I hate that i keep forgetting these.!!!

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