Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Its funny, how mind works at times.

I wanted to get this nice looking usage graphs to report on Squid, Postfix etc. For sometime now, i was thinking of trying this out and seeing how its done.

Today i gave it a go, by working on to get Squid to work this way. I had heard from somewhere you need/can have Squid+SNMP work together to get such a result.

I skimmed through the SNMP wikipedia entry as the beginning.

After reading a little on the squid-WiKi i found this article giving a basic idea of what i have to do.

Since the initial SNMP setup seemed to work without a problem, the next step was to get the graph/reporting tool installed and configured. Article suggested 2 options, MRTG & RRDtool.

Now comes the funny part.

Since the my proxy is using RHEL4( One of my favorite OSs btw ), and i didn't feel like searching around for RPMs, i thought of getting yum installed on the RHEL4. Since RedHat only provides update services for customers with subscriptions -which i don't have for my proxy, at the moment- i thought of using CentOS repositories instead.

Now, since yum isn't built in to the RHEL4 (RHEL5 is yum enabled), the easiest way, that i know of, in getting yum to work, is to use the necessary RPMs from a CentOS repo.

I had all these RPMs on another machine, a one which i did a similar thing sometime back, i thought of simply copying them to this machine, over ssh, as i always do.

But then, it involves me typing the proper ssh password, when prompted..Then, i i got this idea of setting up ssh-keys setup so i wouldn't have to type the password, when i'm copying the files over.

So i took a look at my own blog where i put some info. i found from here and there about this, sometime back. hmm.. i have mentioned about both rsa and dsa keys in that post..which got me thinking.., which is better..? & how do you select one ? etc..

Search in Google takes me to some forums/mailing lists where other people have asked similar a good explanation/discussion on one of them, and now I'm have questions like cryptanalysis, asymmetric vs. symmetric encryption algorithms etc.. popping up in my mind.., and also a feeling that i should blog this. -which is what I'm doing now. :) I actually had a bit of a hard time, recalling where all this began.

It really is funny to me how my mind works at times..guess its the same with many.

Hopefully i will be able to find my way back and get the proxy reports to work, because they look cool.

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