Thursday, July 03, 2008

day-out - 03-07-2008

Quite an eventful day today.

Woke up to the sound of my mother answering a phone call from from back home, saying my home at Walasgala ( a little village in Matara District ) has been robbed last night.

For some reason the 1st thing that came to my mind was about the old books & magazines i have inherited from my father. As it turns out, the robbers have taken out the books i had in one cupboard, and taken away just the cupboard, you can understand my relief.

Was quite busy today, as i had to get my passport done, from Department of Immigration and Emigration AKA "the passport office". With some guidance from few of my friends, i got the necessary documents ready ( you will need NIC, Birth Certificate, Letter of Employment and your Degree Certificate with photo-copies of all of them ) as i already had the Application for a new passport and the photos ready.

Make sure you take the photo copies of all the documents before you go in, because its a pain to come back out from the counters again just to get a photo copy. They have place where you can get photos, photo copies etc. within the office complex which is quite helpful.

Submitted the documents and paid the 7.5k Rs. which is the amount they charge, for 1-day service and came out around 11 a.m. If you too, are planning to go there, then go around 10.30 - 11.00 as the crowd is minimal around at that time.

Had a customer site visit after that, at this place we are doing a small POC kind of a thing with GNU/Linux based spam/av protection system. They wanted me there, before they actually put the mails to come through it.

Rushed to my old office, as i had left my VGA card there, to collect it. :) Then rushed back to the office while helping this friend of mine with his new fedora installation.

Back at office, there was a small thing i took take care of, with a little postfixing.. :) Postfix is by far the best MTA i have come across and it continues to amaze me, on daily basis.

Returned back to "passport office" and collected my passport around 3.30 which was surprisingly quick. Getting the passport must be the easiest thing i have gotten done from a government office.
Now I have a passport..yey!!! :)

Got back to office quick..and thought of putting something on the this is it..

You can go and have a look at this if you are planning on getting a new passport, it will tell you hows and whats.. ;)


Dilan Anuruddha said...

OMG your home being robbed!! I thought there was a house right next to ur one, which housed some of ur relatives.
After your valuable books collection being saved, my memory just flashed back to cinematic dream you had once upon time when our school's new library was open.... Remember ??? Dude that was funny!!

Yajith Ajantha said...

@dialan_anuruddha: yeah..sure i remember.. :) never thought it would happen to me.
btw. now i have a different one involving a lot of DVDs. ;)

Dimuthu said...

hi yajith,
saw your blog a little late. sorry to hear you are got robbed. this is about your advice about going to passport office around 10.30 -11.00. I also heard this is the best time to go there. But for me it turned out to be wrong. It was damn busy at that day at that time. So I think it is just a matter of luck.