Tuesday, April 01, 2008

AG School GNU/Linux Training Event - Day 2

The time of the writing is almost 24Hrs behind with the time of the actual event's wrapping up time.

Woke up around 6.30 and settled down to do some more of translation work. We were -as dassa, kunchana, chanux, danishka and myself spend the night at AG School, expecting suchetha and anuradha's arrival.

Suchetha arrived around 8.40 ( if i recall correctly ) and straight-away got on with his session, "Job Opportunities in FOSS".

And guess what? The audience loved it..yeah, BIG surprise there.. :)

I settled at a computer to the back of the LAB and got started with making copies of Ubuntu GNU/Linux cds to be handed out to the participants.

After the session we all went down for some tea, when anuradha arrived..at this point danishka had already left for work and rajkumar had arrived there.not exactly sure about the actual sequence though, as i was a bit hung over, i went to sleep the night before around 2.x am. :)

After this it was anuradha's session about Image manipulation/Creating HDR images which was quite good. Too bad i wasn't paying a close attention.. I think i was trying to translate something to sinhala on somewhere, not quite sure..

Sessions went on as planned and i got to use suchetha and dassa's cameras which was fun.

I thought of leaving a bit early, as i have to show up early at work the next day ( which is actually today ). Around 4.30 i left from the place, got on to a trishaw, came to the bus-terminal, caught an AC bus heading colombo.

All around the event was both fun and a new experience hanging-out-with-the-geeks-sort-of-a-thing to me.

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