Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Eco Resolutions for the new year...

At Home
o I unplug my mobile charger when not in use
o I don't leave electrical equipment on standby
o I never use a tumbledryer
o I give my unwanted clothes to charity
o I try to sell or give stuff away and not throw them away
o I download music & books online
o I turn off the tap when I brush my teeth
o I wash my hands in cool water rather than hot water

At Work
o I always print in low-resolution to save ink
o I use ecological paper
o I use both sides of a piece of paper
o I recycle paper
o I don't print my e-mails
o I read the news online instead of buying newspapers and magazines

o I buy food that hasn't travelled far
o I buy food from the markets that is not packaged
o I wish I could buy more organic food

o I use the bus or the metro
o I don't have a car

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