Monday, April 10, 2006

RHEL 4 , Gaim and Lotus Sametime

Couple weeks back I wanted to access the lotus sametime service from Gaim. Since gaim support so many protocols(chat related), I thought this too was just a matter of putting the server info in the account creation dialogue.

It was a Redhat box with enterprise 4 Update 1 , so the gaim version was something like gaim-1.2.1-6
It didn't have a protocol that I could use to connect to a sametime server. I googled a little and found out that there is a project called Meanwhile which works exactly on what I've been looking for.

What I did in short,
* downloading meanwhile, gaim-meanwhile sources from the meanwhile home.
* downloading gaim 1.5 sources from the Gaim home.
* building and installing.

It worked fine. The integration is seamless, seamless enough to attract few fellows to gaim , who're actually Lotus Domino techies.
But one thing though.. I tried to do the same thing in my fedora 3 box, but after compiling and installing the new protocol didn't show up in there.

It was that simple, and was fun.
I'll list down the sites that I had to go in ... to whoever might be interested.
* Gaim home
* Meanwhile home

Just another bunch of cool free'n opensource stuff.
This is great guys.. keep doing what you're doing. My hat is off to all of you, opensource people.

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Adam Jewell said...

I've been a Gaim user on Windows for years and I was wondering if it's possible to do this on a windows machine too... After doing some Google-ing like yourself I found the gaim-meanwhile plugin but ran into some confusion on the meanwhile installation portion. Any tips?